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4 Weeks  |  3 Tasks  |   1 Winner

October 2 - 27, 2023

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Mission:LIVWell challenges your team of 2-4 competitors against other teams to see who can consistently complete 3 wellness objectives per week for 4 weeks.  

To compete in Mission:LIVWell, you must:


  • Register your team using the registration form below

  • Watch your inbox every Monday morning in the month of October to receive your LIVWell BINGO Card

    • Each card will be catered to a different wellness pillar (physical, mental, social, and healthy eating)​

    • Your goal is to select and complete 3 tasks from each week that allow you complete a line

  • Once you have completed a task, you will click on the square you completed on your PDF and add a picture

    • We know it sounds tricky, but the video below shows how easy it is to add your images

  • You have until Friday of that week to return your card with a completed row to​

How do we win Mission:LIVWell?

Each week that your entire team submits a completed card, your team earns a point.  At the end of the challenge, the teams with the most points will be added to a draw for our grand prize.

What can we win with Mission:LIVWell?

Our prizes are still being defined and will be announces as soon as they are determined.

How To Use Card

Check out how easy it is to complete your card!

Sign Up

Join Mission:LIVWell Now!

Note - 1 team member must be an AeroCentre Fitness member.
Not a member?  Click here or contact us to learn more.

Registration Opens September 15, 2023.

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