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Christmas Ornaments
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December 6-21, 2023

Join AeroCentre Fitness for 12 days of Holiday themed classes!

As we head into the holiday season, we invite you to join us for some fun and festivities on AeroCentre Fitness!  The 12 Days of Fitmas helps you keep your fitness on track, have some fun and try something new with special Fitmas themed classes!

How to Play:

Playing is easy - just join us for any live streaming sessions on AeroCentre Fitness from December 6 - 21.  

  • Regular live streaming session - 2 points

  • Fitmas Themes session - 5 points

Points will be automatically tracked on your AeroCentre Fitness profile and every 10 points earns you one ballot into our draw!


On December 22, we will be drawing from the earned ballots for one of three $50 Amazon gift cards!

How to Join Fitmas:

No registration is necessary for Fitmas, just start attending live session on AeroCentre Fitness and you are in the running!  

CLICK HERE to view the current class schedule or check out our special Fitmas class schedule below (coming soon)!

Class Descriptions:

Yule Tides and Toning: Get ready to sweat in this full body toning class. You'll need weights and your holiday spirit as we do strength, cardio and core!

Mindful Merriment:  Amid the hustle and flurry of the holiday season, join our Mindful Merriment class to find tranquility and peace. This mindfulness session is designed to help you stay centered and present during the festive flurry.

Snowman strength builder: Let's follow three strength circut blocks to build a snowman.

Abdominal Advent:  Did someone start the holiday fire or is it just my abs?! Enjoy the cozy burn of this firey core workout. No equipment needed!

Jingle Jab Cardio Boxing: Knock out stress and punch up your energy in this high-intensity cardio boxing class that requires no equipment. Step into the ring and throw powerful punches to the rhythm of upbeat tunes

Frosty's Flex: Let Frosty take you through a festive circuit training class that will have you flexing all throughout the holiday season

Carolling Core:  Tune in to the festive beat as we sing our way through a core-focused workout. No equipment needed, just your holiday spirit and a desire to sculpt and strengthen your core muscles.

12 Day of Christmas Pyramid: Each of the 12 days will be a 'gift' of cardio or strength exercises.

Sugar Plum Pilates: With the elegance of the Nutcracker's dance, this pilates-inspired class invites you to bring light hand weights or a water bottle and a mat for the floor. Sculpt and tone your body to the sweet rhythm of holiday tunes, and let the magic of the season enhance your pilates experience.

Reindeer Gains:  Let's dash, dance and prance our way into the holiday season with this fun and festive strength session!

Heart of the Holidays

HIIT with a Twist:  Experience the joy of intense intervals that will leave you sweating and smiling. No equipment needed—just your determination to conquer each twist and turn in this heart-pounding, holiday-themed workout.

Candy Cane Conditioning:  Sweeten your workout routine with Candy Cane Conditioning—a dynamic class combining cardio, core, and strength exercises. Grab your weights and get ready to sculpt your body from head to toe, all while moving to the rhythm of festive tunes.

Holiday HIIT:  A full body, no equipment cardio workout, perfect for @ home.

Merry Liftmas: Come lift with Santa's elves as we get strong enough to haul presents into Santa's Sleigh

Stretchmas:  Full body stretch class dedicated to working primarily on hips, back and shoulders to counter "desk posture".

Most Wonderful Tone of the Year: Get ready to sweat it out to Christmas tunes. It is the most wonderful time to get toned.

Core Carol Countdown: Join our festive countdown to a stronger core in this bodyweight-only class. Let the countdown to a sculpted core begin!

Holly Jolly Hustle: This bodyweight interval class will help you tackle the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

Snowball Strength: Grab your dumbbells or weights and let the festive vibes guide you through a powerful, full-body workout. Sculpt and tone your muscles as you unleash the strength within, making each lift feel as invigorating as a snowball fight.

Mistle-toned All the Way: Get toned. Get fit. Get in the spirit with this fun filled circuit class

Deck the Walls: A low-impact strength, balance and posture focused class where we will use a wall to get a great muscular endurance and balance workout, while undoing some of that "desk posture" and tightening up stabilizing postural muscles

Holiday Cheers: Get ready to bring the spirit of the season to the dance floor with our bodyweight-only, cheerleading-inspired class—Holiday Cheers! No pompoms required—just your enthusiasm and a desire to move and groove to festive beats.

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