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4 week nutrition success group

Fall sessions start September 19, 2023

CLICK HERE to view the session dates, times and to register.

Eligible for coverage by benefits!

Are you ready to kick start your fall and get back to eating regular scheduled meals? Perhaps you need a boost to get going in the right direction. This 4-week group nutrition program is for you if you're ready to improve your overall nutrition and eating habits. You’ll feel supported every step of the way and don’t worry - we’ll keep you accountable with weekly action items.


The goal: to feel great about the food you eat while leaving out all the pressure, rules or restrictions. Let’s break down those barriers around food that keep you from feeling your best. Get ready to learn, grow and get going on your own. 

Program Offering:

  • 4 weekly, 1-hour live coaching sessions delivered by a Registered Nutritionist (*may be eligible for coverage by benefits)

  • Question + answer time each week

  • Free Recipe and resource guides

  • Complimentary 30 minute One-on-One call with Mel

The best things come from taking small steps and building on over time. Join this 4-week program and learn how to simplify nutrition information, find what works best for YOU and demystify some of the conflicting information about ‘how to eat healthy’.

  • Week 1: Meal Planning for Success

    • Think of this as a Meal Planning 101. Let's get excited about getting supper on the table! I'll be sharing all my best tips and tricks when it comes to planning that question we all struggle with;  what’s for dinner?! You’ll take away a guide to meal ideas, a recipe index and resources. You’ll be inspired to make a meal plan that works for you.


  • Week 2: Creating Satisfying Meals

    • Ever wonder why that salad never seems to keep you full? I will offer you a how-to on what it means to make satisfying meals and snacks that keep you going through your busiest days. We will talk about sources of good fats, proteins and fibre, plus there will be more meal and snack ideas too!


  • Week 3: Hot Topics and Q + A

    • Let’s take a look at some current hot nutrition topics and help clear the air on some things you may have heard about like: intermittent fasting, mindful eating, basic supplementation, dairy alternatives and more! Bring all your burning nutrition questions.


  • Week 4: Gut Health

    • Gut health may be one of the most important aspects we can improve with our nutrition to prevent and reverse issues with digestion, immune health, and chronic disease. We’ll dive into what we can do and eat to support a healthy gut and keep our immune systems for the upcoming cold and flu season. 


Mel’s thoughts on personal nutrition…
I truly believe the best things come out of taking small steps and building on over time. In fact, I don’t think there’s a better way to enhance your nutrition. Going at a reasonable pace ultimately creates lasting changes without the pressure and risk of doing it all at once which is likely not sustainable or realistic in setting goals and expectations.

I will show you how to simplify nutrition information, find what works best for YOU and demystify some of the conflicting information about ‘how to eat healthy’.

Come ready to learn, grow and get going. I’m so glad we’re in this together and I can’t wait to get started!

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Healthy Cooking


Starting September 19

12pm ET


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