Welcome to AeroCentre Fitness

This 4000 square foot fitness facility is conveniently located on the ground floor of 5580 Explorer Drive in Mississauga. The AeroCentre includes state-of-the-art conditioning equipment, a group exercise studio, change rooms with showers and day lockers. These specific features will help you achieve your fitness and health goals. AeroCentre Fitness is designed to make leading a healthier lifestyle more convenient for all employees of AeroCentre. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, we have lots to offer to keep you motivated, active and healthy.

AeroCentre Fitness is professionally managed by Health Systems Group and is staff by a full-time fitness professional. Members can take advantage of fitness consultations, individual program design and a variety of motivating group exercise programs.

Join today and enjoy the journey towards a healthier life!